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This is my ecosystem project. My animal was the Ord’s Kangaroo Rat, which is in the middle of the model. In the corner, sitting down, is the human rat control, which represents how the animal got endangered. The signs in the middle back represent Encana Oil company which helped make the Kangaroo Rat endangered and Nature Canada which is the program in progress to save this animal. On the left hand side, there are examples, such as seeds, of the food it eats. On the right hand side there are examples, such as a coyote, which are the animals predators.

 Adding and Subtracting Integers Video

The first part of this video features an adding integers problem and how to solve it. The second part features a subtracting integers problem and how to solve it using the same-change-change strategy.


This is my food web. A food web is a web of arrows showing where the energy of certain living things in that area is in the heirarchy and what animals in that area eat eachother. My food web is in the forests of Alberta. Our assignment was to get pictures and draw arrows in between to show where the energy of those animals was going depending on what it eat. I think I did well except for drawing of the arrows and coloring.

Libya Conflict

In Social Studies we are doing a write up of what is currently happening in Libya. Colonel Qaddafi took over Libya and started bombing houses and buildings. He killed many people and left many without homes or shelter. Libya has been a very violent country, by bombing different places such as Scotland. Tripoli was bombed by the U.S. because of Libya bombing. Tripoli is now in ruins. It affects me because if Libya begins to consider us an enemy, they may turn the conflict on us.


The gameboard we made is called smokings no joking. we made it with our grade 5 buddies. This gameboard promotes not smoking. When you play the game you have question cards that show true and false facts about smoking. We all worked very hard on it.


My plant name is Happy face.

It lives in the mountains. It is very hard to get sun to the plant because it lives on the mountains. It also produces extra CO2 for humans and has a taproot system so it can get the water before every plant gets it.



For Science we are learning structures and forces. We were asked to construct a bridge that had to span across 30 centimeters and roll a golfball across it. We had 40 minutes to constuct it. It had to be at least 5 centimeters off the table on one end and I had to have my bridge pass 5 trials. Our group had difficulties with the amount of supplies and the time limit. In the end, our bridge passed all five tests and met all of the specifications.


For science we were asked to construct a paper chair for our structures and forces unit with newspaper tape and glue. The criteria was the dimensions had to be 30x30x30, one pre-decided group member had to be able to sit on it and the tape could only be used for the joints. The type of forces being acting on the chair were sheer force, compression and tension. Our chair met all the criteria because it was short and sturdy. It was challenging to meet the time limit criteria becuase we almost didn’t finish in time. If I could change three things about the critera I would change the time given, being able to use 2 kinds of tape and make no limitations on the dimensions.


 In science for our Structures and Forces unit, we were asked to make an Eggs in Space structure. What we had to do was make a structure that supported an egg 30 cm high and 10 cm off of a table. All of the materials had a price whether it was 0.01 cent or 0.30 cents, though we did not have to pay for it with real money, the sum couldn’t exceed 5 dollars. The egg had to stay in place on that structure for at least 1 minute, had to be free standing and had to be able the be picked up and moved to another table. Our structure met all of the specifications because it was 30 cm high, 10n cm off the table, was free standing and the egg did not fall off of the structure. The specification most hard to meet was it had to be 10 cm off of the table, it was hard to support the egg when we had limited supplies, that high, and off of the table. If I could change 3 things about this project, I would change the amount of materials because it was hard to support the egg with that little materials. I would change that it cant extend below the surface of the table so we can use that to our advantage and i would make the materials better quality. The materials we chose were pipe cleaners, tape, sponges, popsicle sticks, and paper because they seemed easiest to work with.


This is my graffiti art picture. It is a railroad spike. It represents the voice of John A Macdonald being heard when he made the decision to create the CP Railroad. He made it so B.C. would join the confederation and make Canada what it is today. It also represents all of the hard work everybody did to make this railroad the first trans-continental railway in the world.

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  1. Paige, I really like your ecosystem, especially the animals. You labled them and they are a good size. good job

  2. Hey Paige,
    I like how you spaced out everything in your video. Did you ever think about using a number line? Nice Job!

  3. Dear Paige,

    I really like your video. I like how you used money as an
    example in your video. It will definitely help others understand
    the same-change-change strategy.You explained really
    well,Good job!


  4. Paige,
    I really like how you made your ecosystem colorful. Very well done.

  5. G’day Paige,

    Thanks for joining the March 2011 student blogging challenge. So you can contact other students and look at their blogs, make sure you keep referring to this page on the challenge blog.

    Also each week starting in March, check out the student challenge blog for the different activities to do – look at ‘Latest challenge posts’ under the map on the right sidebar.

  6. Hey Paige,

    I gave you a proficient overall because your food web was organized, it contained all of the animals in your ecosystem, and the flow of energy arrows are correct. It was also very colorful. The only thing that you need to improve is your arrows because their not that neat.


  7. Hi Paige,
    Great work on your blog. I really enjoyed reading about the Kangaroo Rat and am glad you included information about the Nature Canada Program trying to save this endangered animal.

  8. Meme si je n`ai pas tout compris de ton projet je crois avoir compris l`essentiel cest interessant et tres interessant et tes element graphique son tres bien illustre bravo pour tous tes projets
    merci de mavoir fait decouvrir un bout de lalberta jespere que quand tu vas venir au Quebec tu vas aimer les activitees que nous te preparons personnellement moi jai dejas hate jespere que tu vas comprendre ce message meme sil manque les accent et les apostrophe
    voila ces ce que javais a te dire merci pour tous pour le ipod pour les bonbons pour ton hospitaliter et pour ta gentiesse envers une parfaite inconnue. jespere de revoir bientot au quebec dans ma super maison

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