You have just had a look of our new class blog and we would love to hear some of your feedback as to what you think. Mr.Letendre’s blog page (Mr.Letendre99) is a space devoted to students, teachers, parents and/or community members to post comments and to tell us how we’re doing? Do we need better comments? Are we posting the right work? Are there any glitches with our blog? Any feedback would be helpful and will help our class along this journey. Thanks for taking the time to visit out class blog!! And please return anytime.

4 thoughts on “Mr.Letendre99

  1. These Blogs are a great idea. The parents get some informative insight into what the class is accomplishing.

  2. Hi Mr. Letendre,
    This is such an excellent way to share your students’ learning. Thank you for leading this project at Greystone – I think they are doing an excellent job in posting their learning and providing each other with descriptive feedback on their work. Awesome!

  3. The blog is a great way for the kids to share what they are working on with their families.

  4. I like the idea that these students have a chance to share their projects and thoughts with others. Great!

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