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This is a model of the ecosystem of a Burrowing Owl. Some of its enemies are foxes, bob cats. It lives in old, abandoned animal holes and burrows, and mostly lives in a grassland area. Some things that it eats are frogs and fish.

 Adding and Subtracting Integers Video

This is a video on how to add and subtract integers using different strategies. One strategy is to use a number line, and go back and forth on it depending on what signs are there. Another is SAME CHANGE CHANGE, where you keep the first two signs the same and change the next two signs but SAME CHANGE CHANGE only works for subtraction.


This is my Alberta wetlands ecosystem food web. A food web is different organisms that eat/ are eaten by eachother. I printed off pictures and did lots of research for my food web. I think I did a good job because I did lots of research and took my time.

 The Situation in Libya

 Libya is in complete chaos right now.  Colonel Momar Qaddafi is the reason for this, by bombing and murdering people for not being one of his followers. He has probably killed hundreds of his own people just for what they think. The USA has tried to get involved and stop Qaddafi, but Qaddafi has told them he will stop at nothing and he has said he is not intimidated. The USA has shot down planes that Qaddafi has sent up to bomb the people that do not agree with him. This kind of thing could affect me because if he was allowed to make his way across Africa, he could eventually make his way to Canada and we would have another Hitler on our hands.

  Chord Plant


In Science class we were asked to create a plant that could live in a particular environment. Chord, is a plant that grows in the Canadian forest region. The job of the roots is to suck up water and nutrients and to anchor the plant so it does not get blown over by wind or rain. The job of the stem is to hold most of the water and also transport water from the roots to the leaves. The leaves primary function is to transpire some of the extra water, and it is also the defence for the plant (posinous if you eat it). Our plant helps humans because you can eat the roots and get some energy boost. Some challenges it faces are competition with other plants for water and space.


In science we are learning about forces and structures. We were assigned to build a bridge that spans over a 3ocm desk gap using 60cm masking tape,  20 regular straws, and 15 paper clips. We were able to do this without using any of the paper clips. We had to complete this task within 40 minutes. Some troubles we faced are that we almost ran out of tape, we barely had enough time, and we kept changing stuff on the go. If I could change 3 things, I would have used duct tape, had an hour instead of forty minutes, and gotten 50 straws instead of 20. Our bridge was very sturdy, so it did not fall over and passed all of the trials.


In science class we are learning about structures and forces. We were assigned to build a structure that can support an egg 30cm in the air and 10cm off of the desk. My partner Tate and I thought it was going to work and it was pretty sturdy but it only lasted about 10 seconds before one of the supports died out. The most difficult specifications to meet was that it had to be 30 cm high and 10cm off he desk and that it had to hold the egg for a full minute. 3 changes that I would make are: there would have been more variety of materials because nothing in there was very heavy, I would have changed how I constructed where the egg was held becuse it was weak, and and that it didnt have to be 10cm off the desk. The materials I used were paper, posicle sticks, tooth picks, tape, and sponges.


 This is my Graffiti Picture that I made for Social Studies. It is of railroad tracks, because I chose the Candian Pacific Railway that stretches from the east to west coast of Canada. In this assignment we were asked to represent, through grafitti, a voice that was or was not heard through a historical Canadian event.

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  1. Dear Jordan,
    I think your ecosystem is very good. I learned alot about the burrowing owl. I like how you you put full detail into everything. Also, how you put its enemies, food, and where it lives.- Maddy

  2. Dear Jordan

    I like your ecosystem it is very well done. I like the detail it is very colorful.

  3. Hey Jordan, I really liked you video it explained same change change! Do you know how to use a number line?

    From Mackenzie

  4. Dear Jordan,
    I really liked your food web. It is very well done. It taught me alot about the Alberta Wetlands.

  5. Hi Jordan,
    You did a great job with your written information describing the strategies for adding and subtracting of integers. Thanks for sharing your learning with the world!!!!

  6. Wow I never knew that some owls lived in holes. That is so cool. I can’t believe that bob cats and foxes are their enemies. Your blog is so awesome. Your friend matt18

  7. G’day Jordan,

    Thanks for joining the March 2011 student blogging challenge. So you can contact other students and look at their blogs, make sure you keep referring to this page on the challenge blog.

    Also each week starting in March, check out the student challenge blog for the different activities to do – look at ‘Latest challenge posts’ under the map on the right sidebar.

  8. hey jordan!!
    I like yor creative plant project.It was really detailed and drawn neatly keep doing what your doing
    From Ty

  9. hey jordan,
    I think two things you need to work on are your drawing and design because they weren’t as neat as it could’ve have been. i think two things you did really well were, your write up and your description i think overall you did a very good job.

  10. Hey Jordan,
    Very good job on your creative plant I think you did good on explaining I understand what and how your plant lives in the canadian forest region. I love your drawing it is so organized and it looks neat and I know what is what on the plant. your creative plant is clear and I now know what your plant does and how it fights for water and adapts to that.! good job.

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